A complete Delorean from the movie Back to the Future. Including license plate.

My version of a terminator arm

a Sci-Fi city model

A  basic human head form

Light-bulb, fixture and ceiling

A comfy looking couch

Sci-Fi looking hallway

Cassette tape and pencil crayons

Glass of water, straw and ice cubes

Copyright © Brian Rack. All Rights Reserved.

3D Models

Brian is a self taught 3D modeler.

Some of the 3d models are shown as fully rendered images, while others are shown as bare models.

Brian creates models to be used in video works, animations, and prints.

Alien model I created, and am working with for future projects.

 Android Character

Security Helmut, boots, badge and baton

Modeling a human face, inspired by comics

a RETRO style Ghetto Blaster

A pill bottle and some pills

Building an artificial body for a brain