'new age pharoh' Digital Print 2015

'Self Portrait' Digital Print 2013

'The Human Brain' Digital Print 2014

'Untitled' Digital Print 2014

'Metal Thoughts' Digital Print 2014

'The Balance' Digital Print 2014

'It's Complicated' Digital Print 2014

'Hand on my shoulder' Digital Print 2014

'Smell the Roses' Digital Print 2014

'A Quiet Night In' Digital Print 2014

Copyright © Brian Rack. All Rights Reserved.


Brian's work in digital print medium has focused on the relationship between people and technology.  He includes various references to questions about mortality, immortality and the incorporation of technology in to the body.

Many of Brian's prints can be viewed in 3D. Using the Red/Blue anaglyph 3D glasses, the viewer can

see separated elements, and increased depth to the image. 

- 3D Models -

Brian is a self taught 3D modeler, and only uses 3D Models that he created specifically for the intended work. Creating the object to satisfy  the desired balance between reality and stylization.

Models can often be used or modified for new works, and new projects.

All of the images used for digital printing are composed completely of original 3d models created by Brian Rack.



'Falling away' Digital Print 2014

'Man or Machine' Digital Print 2014

'Untitled self portrait 3D' Digital Print 2014

'Untitled self portrait' Digital Print 2014