Every shirts is washed and put through the dryer, which prevents shrinking.
After being hand printed by silkscreen, each shirt is heat set on the back and the
front.  Being heat set from both directions helps to guarantee the life of the
print on the shirt. You do not need to wash the t-shirt before wearing because 
it has already been washed.

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Care Instructions

Because each shirt has already been pre-shrunk, it will not shrink if you put
it in the dryer. It is recommended that you lay flat or hang to dry based on your
preference. This helps to prevent any degrading of the print from the heat in 
the dryer.  It is also recommended that you do not iron the shirt, especially
anywhere near the printed image.  Since the image is already heat set, more heat
from the dryer or iron will degrade the bond between the material and the ink.

* putting the shirt in the dryer one time will not ruin the shirt. If you do put
in the dryer, make sure it is inside out.



Limited Edition Art Print T-shirts

The images chosen for the t-shirts come from Artist Brian Rack's Art prints.

Often the image needs to be re-worked and stylized to suit being silkscreened  

on to a t-shirt, to maximize the effectiveness of the image.